Youth Programs

If you're looking for a fun after-school activity for your child look no further! Our gym offers a variety of youth programs that help encourage physical activity and inspire confidence.

Kids climb
Youth Programs

Kids Climb

Designed as an after school program, Kids Climb is an introductory course for younger climbers. Here climbers have the opportunity to expand their climbing skills in a kid friendly atmosphere. The program is staff-led, but doesn't follow a rigid coaching structure. If you are interested, but do not want to commit to a full month of classes, we offer trial classes to give it a shot and see if your kid enjoys it.
Trial Class Signups

  • When: Wednesday or Friday 5:00 - 6:30pm or Sunday 3:00 - 4:30pm
  • Ages: 6-12
  • Price: $85/ month (includes gym membership)

Space is limited. To reserve your child's spot or for more information call us at 214-872-2992 or email us at

Cameron coaching
Youth Programs


Homeschool Climb is an identical class to Kids Climb. Same lessons, same opportunities, and same atmosphere.

  • When: Tuesdays 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM or Thursdays 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Ages: 6-12
  • Price: $75/ month (includes full membership). Get an additional $5 off per child (discount capped at 3 children)

Space is limited. To reserve your child's spot or for more information call us at 214-872-2992 or email us at

Lonestar climbing team

Rec Team

This is a development team led by Coach and Trainer Bobby George. In this program your child will increase their climbing skills in a fun and supportive environment. Participants will be considered for team at Coach descretion.

  • When: Wednesdays & Fridays 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Ages: 6-12
  • Price: $195/month (Includes full membership)
  • ENROLLMENT: Enrollment is required in order to attend any of the programs or classes. Fees will be prorated for the first month, but are then automatically billed on the 15th of each month thereafter via electronic fund transfer (EFT). ​
  • TUITON and HOLIDAYS: Membership and coaching fees are billed on the 15th of each month as a flat rate. We do not prorate fees or refunds based on students' attendance. Canyons Climbing Gym observes the Frisco ISD calendar for holidays.​ Holidays are not prorated and there are no additional fees for months with 5 class days.
  • MAKE-UP CLASSES: If a climber misses a class, and is also given permission by the coach, they may attend another day.
  • CLASS CHANGES: Changes to another day are available based on availability. Classes are capped at 20 students for appropriate staffing. Changes to another program may be requested by speaking to a coach. Inquire at the front desk for more information.
  • WITHDRAWLS and REFUNDS: Once enrolled in a climbing program, you will be charged on a month-to-month basis via EFT unless a withdrawal notice is received by the 5th of the month. We do not offer prorated withdrawals, prorated refunds, or verbal cancellations. See our membership change form (located under the rates header) or click here to freeze or terminate your account.
  • PLACEMENT: Placement is at the discretion of the instructor. Our experienced staff helps ensure each student is being placed in a class best suited for them. This results in quality instruction at the correct level.
  • COMPETITIONS: Canyons Climbing Gym supports USA Climbing Youth competitions throughout the year. Climbers age 7 - 18 may become an USAC member and progress through different competition levels. Lone Star Climbing Team (LSCT) is independently operated and not formally a part of Canyons Climbing Gym LLC. Please contact Coach Kim Puccio if you have specific questions regarding this competitive youth climbing team. Inquire at the front desk for more information.
  • APPOINTMENTS: Please understand our coaching staff are focused on helping and guiding your children. If you would like to discuss anything with your child's coach, please email or make an appointment outside of normal class hours. This will provide quality with every session for all students.
  • PICK-UP and DROP-OFF: Please know your child is expected to check in at the front desk every time they enter the gym. Keeping their membership tag on their climbing bag will ensure this is done quickly. Our front desk staff rotates and cannot keep track of students in each program.
  • OBSERVATION: Parents, siblings, and friends can observe from the spectator areas of the gym. They are NOT allowed on the mats, which are considered an "active climbing" area. This is both distracting and dangerous to climbers.

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