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Kid climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Canyons Rock Climbing Gym

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Over 1,000 reviews can't be wrong! We're the place to be, from kids, teens, and adults!

Kid going down an autobelay at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Great staff. Such great staff. They train you very well on how to use the equipment and stay safe so you can have a great time without any serious injuries. Some of the walls were more difficult than I’d anticipated but it was great. They have three options: You can ballet (sp?) with a partner, or use the pulley that does it for you, OR do the boulder wall without any harness.Tons of fun.Water fountain in the back if you forget to bring water. Costs about $22 for a day pass including harness rental. Shoe rental is an extra $3.
Kid hanging off of rocks at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
I can’t say enough great things about this place. My daughters and I visited a few times a month and then decided to become members. The girls have developed astounding confidence and skills in the short time we’ve been going. Staff are generally quite friendly. Although it can be a little crowded sometimes, you never feel you’d like you have to wait too long to get on the wall.It’s a place for all ages and where anyone can be an expert or beginner.
Kid on the wall at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Highly recommend for anyone that wants to get into rock climbing, bouldering or just overall get into better shape. It was my first time and this is no joke! It's challenging and fun!Staff is beyond helpful and all very nice. Dylan gave us tips on numerous occasions that helped immensely with our lack of experience.The best part is, there is something for everyone. The ranges of difficulty is legit and you can really climb safely based on your preferred level of experience. There were little kids here speeding past us so that tells ya how safe and fun it is.Once again, thanks to Bobby for teaching us and Dylan for the tips! Can't wait to come back and try again!
Parent climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
I went to Canyons as an observer of some younger family members climbing. It was great to see that they take safety seriously, teaching first time climbers proper safety procedures, as well as all participants and spectators have to sign a legal release.Even on the weekday we visited the place was popular with the school-aged kids, and was fairly busy, but there is enough to do that nobody was just standing around waiting, unless they really wanted to.
Great place to climb! Kid friendly as well. Finally went back to climb the other day with my 8 year old daughter. We haven't been out much since covid hit. We went at 3pm on Tuesday and had the whole place to ourselves for a good 45 minutes. The staff is always friendly and helpful. A bonus to climbing is the confidence it builds. My daughter was nervous to go all the way to the top of the walls. She went further today then she has ever gone, breaking through the nervousness. Another bonus was simply spending time with her and communicating how to attack the different walls. Looking forward to heading back!
Kid going up a wall at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Kids having fun at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
I've been a member here for a while now and I can personally attest that this climbing gym is the bomb. Staff is always helpful and very personable, the gym is clean and there are always improvements being made. COLLEGE STUDENTS COME CLIMB HERE!Yoga & Core classes are offered here too!! Great people, great spot, awesome vibe
Day Passes

Just want to climb for a day? Get A Day Pass and Climb All Day!

Adult Day Passes (13 Years & Older): $18

Youth Day Passes (12 Years & Younger): $12

Harness & Climbing Shoe Rental: $3 each

The Canyons Rock Climbing Gym speed and bouldering wall
Auto belays at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym

First Timer FAQs

New to Rock Climbing or Our Gym? No Biggie! We'll guide you through the ropes (literally) so you know what’s up.

Are masks required?

Nope, you can breathe easy, masks aren’t needed here.

How quick can I start rock climbing?

Fill out the waiver early, and you'll be up a wall in about 15 minutes. At the gym, give it 20-30 minutes.

Included in these times are our first time gym orientation. In this orientation you will be taught how to belay (manage our rope systems), use auto-belays, and proper bouldering technique.

What do I bring?

Comfy clothes and shoes, that’s it! We got rentals if you need 'em. Barefoot? No go. As long as your shoes are closed-toed you're welcome to wear them. Barefoot climbing is not allowed under any circumstance.

What does a day pass buy?

A day pass means come-and-go freedom for the day you buy it. You'll have unlimited access to the gym while we're open. You're welcome to leave the gym to visit the surrounding downtown Frisco areas and come back. (Note: the day pass only gives you come and go access for the day it is purchased on.)

Is there an age limit to climb?

No way! From tiny tots to wise folks, all are welcome. We've had kids as young as 2 and people as old as 80 come and climb. Everyone is welcome!

Are reservations needed?

Nope, just pop in. But groups over 10, give us a heads up! We only require reservations for birthday parties or any group over 10 people; Otherwise come in any time we're open!

The Canyons Rock Climbing Gym Family
Become a member

Join Our Rock Climbing Family!

We have plans for everybody—from the solo climber to families! Students and heroes get special deals.

You can become a member by filling out a waiver and signing up for a membership in person!

Canyons Rock Climbing Gym bouldering wall
Why You’ll Love Being A Member

More Than Just Rock Climbing—It’s A Community!

Full Gym Access, Changing Climbing Challenges, Epic Group Vibes, Yoga & Fitness! Ready for some awesome times? 🤘

Safe for the kiddos

Perfect for families and kids. Our crew is friendly and everyone’s working to get better.

You're Like Our VIP!

You're not just a member, you're family! We’re here to make sure you're having a blast.

Enjoy group classes

Get your yoga and sweat on in our group classes—they're not just for pros, so come on in!

Bring a friend with you

Got a buddy who's never climbed before? Sweet! Bring 'em along once a month—no charge!

Join Classes You'll Love!

Weekly Adult Classes Included In Membership

Your membership gives you weekly classes that'll make you say, "That was awesome!"

Strength Classes: Wanna lift more than just your mood? Come feel like a superhero in our strength classes!

Yoga Classes: Stretch and chill, every Monday and Wednesday. Don't miss out!

Core Classes: Dreaming of that six-pack? Join us on Tuesdays and Fridays to work that belly!

Core class at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Canyons Rock Climbing Gym bouldering wall wide angle
Why Should You Jump On Board?

All The Rock Climbing Goodies You Get (And More):

Full Gym Access

You get to play in a giant area! 10,000 sq ft of rope walls and 12,000 sq ft for bouldering. Plus, a moon wall and workout zone!

New Routes, New Thrills!

Fresh climbing paths keep things spicy. Always a new challenge waiting!

Level Up with Lessons

Ready to level up? Book a private lesson to be a rock climbing star.

A Free monthly guest

Every month, bring a newbie friend to climb for free!

Yoga Classes

Get your Zen on every Monday and Wednesday from 6-7pm.

Fitness Classes

Work it out on Tuesdays from 7-8pm and Fridays from 8-9pm.

Party with Members

You get special invites to our monthly events for members only!

Shop 'til You Drop

Score a 10% discount on all the cool stuff in our pro shop.

Kids at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Youth Programs

“I think the way to become the best is to just have fun.”- Shaun White

Because Kids Can Be Rock Climbing Champs Too! We offer special programs just for our young gym members.

Kids Climbing: Got a little climber? This is for them!

Recreation Team: It's all about fun and friends here.

Competitive Youth Team: When climbing is more than a hobby, this is the team to join.

Canyons Rock Climbing Gym wall
Contact and Location

How To Reach Us

Need to get in touch or find our gym? Here's how!

Hours of operation:

  • Friday: 12–10 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM–10 PM
  • Sunday: 12–7 PM
  • Monday: 12–9 PM
  • Tuesday: 12–9 PM
  • Wednesday: 12–9 PM
  • Thursday: 12–9 PM

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Youth climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym