Events at Our Gym

Events at Our Gym

Get ready for fun and excitement at our special events. From all-night climbing to birthday parties, we've got it all!

Events at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Climber at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Birthday Parties

Let's Make It Special!

Birthdays come once a year, so let's make yours unforgettable! Enjoy endless climbing fun, eat some pizza, and hang out in your very own private party room. We provide all the supplies you'll need.

Endless climbing fun for your guests

Pizza options available

Private room for your party

All supplies included

Lock-In Events

Spend the Night Climbing with lock-ins!

How cool would it be to have a sleepover at a climbing gym? Our Lock-In events let you do just that. Choose between staying overnight or just for half the night. You get the gym to yourselves, climbing gear, and staff to keep things safe.

Full-night and half-night options

You get the gym all to yourselves!

Staff and gear included

Group of people at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Large group at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym
Group Fun

Large Group Events

Got a large group? No worries! We love hosting big parties or team events. Make sure to book 14 days in advance so we can get everything ready. You get 2 hours of climb time, gear, and a staff briefing.

Ideal for 10 or more people

Book 14 days ahead

2-hour event with climbing and rules rundown

First time climbing at canyons?
Fill out a waiver to start climbing today!

Youth climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing Gym